THE BANSHEE - Fully Autonomous Weapons Platform

The primary weapon carried by the Banshee is a massive electro-magnetic rail gun, which can fire 1 oz projectiles of molten lead accelerated to five times the speed of sound, with a range of nearly eight miles. The rail gun is carried by a pair of elevators, which can lift it for improved range of motion.

At either end of the vehicles outriggers are perimeter defense laser emplacements. Normally, these are stored in a retracted position where they are safe from enemy fire, and are only exposed as needed.

The heavily armored hatch on the aft of the main deck provides access to the interior space for repair and maintenance of all vehicle systems. Ladders are built-in to the rear of the outriggers to make it easier for technicians to access the deck surface. (These ladders are only found on development models and will not be present on combat models.)

The Banshee uses a novel mode of propulsion. Underneath each outrigger blade are an array of synthetic pseudopods, similar to the feet of a starfish. Capable of extending nearly four times their relaxed length, these flexible stocks are surprisingly strong, and can move the vehicle as surprisingly fast speed over nearly any kind of terrain.