Security • Surveillance • Rescue • Law Enforcement

Whenever you need dependable back-up, the ALI™ series autonomous canoid robot has got you covered!

• This good dog is nimble enough to navigate treacherous terrain with ease.

• A wide array of optical, audio, magnetic, and thermal sensors allow it to see and hear in almost any conditions.

• Advanced NuBridge Synaptics® FIDO™ artificial intelligence software makes the ALI™ remarkably smart and obedient.

• Fully compliant with all network standards.

• Easy to use DNI interface.

• Weight: 90 kilograms
• Top running speed: 90 kilometers per hour
• Max. cargo load: 60 kilograms
• Battery life: 24 hours
• Recharge time: 2 hours

Robot Dog 3d model by Lexxiam